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A fun arcade game with a dangerous captain shark - pirate guarding the coins.


A super fun game for kids with the dangerous Captain Shark! The game involves taking all the coins from the shark guarding them. Players take turns spinning the arrow and drawing the number of coins to get. During gameplay, the toy makes water splashing sounds. Each time you touch the treasure, the evil shark moves its tail as a warning. But be careful - the shark may lose patience and attack the pick-up! Whoever annoys the evil pirate must return half of the treasure he got! The player who collects the most gold coins wins! The game is extremely exciting, requires cleverness and reflexes, will provide a lot of laughter and fun, and will surely appeal to every child. The game is intended for 2-4 players.
The colorful shark game and the coins are made of plastic, the shield is cardboard with a plastic arrow for spinning. The game runs on 3 x AA batteries.

Set contains:
- shark
- 36 coins
- a dial with an arrow for drawing

Number of players: 2-4
Players' age: 4+

- shark approx. 22 cm x 19 cm
- coin diameter: 2.5 cm
- shield diameter: 12 cm

Power supply: 3 x AA (not included).

Playing arcade games often requires quick reactions and precise movements, which helps develop reflexes and hand-eye coordination, you also need to focus on many elements at the same time, which forces concentration and improves the ability to focus attention.
The toy packed in a nice colorful box is perfect as a gift for a child for any occasion.
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 Inquiry - A fun arcade game with a dangerous captain shark - pirate guarding the coins.