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Kids Early Educational B/O Tower Crane with Music and light




Weight(grams): 960

Dimension: 22 cm (Length) x 16 cm (Width) x 31 cm (Height)

Product description
Rich entertainment functions.

Crane toy set has a wealth of entertainment functions, building lifting and traffic scene simulation, a variety of life scene sound simulation, it can meet the children's curiosity.

Good toys for parent-child interaction.
Perfect early educational toys, children in play to recognize the various sounds of real life, with construction equipment to complete the use of transportation and maintenance tools, which helps develop children's cognitive thinking and hands-on skills.

The best gift for children over 18 months
Features & details
"Introducing our Toddler Crane Electronic Building Toy Set – a comprehensive 3-piece kit that will ignite your child's imagination. With LED lights, multiple modes, and a baby-friendly music activity cube, this set offers endless fun and early learning opportunities."
"This toddler toy set is not just fun, but educational too. Your little one will love the two included inertia-powered push cars, providing hours of entertainment while enhancing fine motor skills and coordination."
"The LED multi-mode baby music activity cube in this set is designed to keep your child engaged with lights, sounds, and interactive play. It's the perfect early education tool for curious minds."
"Our Toddler Crane Electronic Building Toy Set is the ultimate gift for your child's development. Watch as they build, play, and learn while being entertained by this exciting and creative playset."
"Get ready for endless laughter and exploration with our Toddler Crane Electronic Building Toy Set. It's the ideal early learning and entertainment solution for your little one, promoting cognitive development in a fun and engaging way

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