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Dimension: 36 cm (Length) x 8 cm (Width) x 28 cm (Height)

The EDUCATIONAL DESK baby learning table is a great and engaging activity table toy. It helps to promote the development of children's motor skills, creative play, recognition to colors, shapes, and animals. Interaction between parents and babies allows you to enjoy happy hours with your baby. It is a wonderful gift for your lovely baby! Removable legs make it easy to storage, the children can take the musical learning table to anywhere.The musical learning table can also be tied on the bed for your little baby to play it. This is a magical musical table toys for 18 months up! So much activity and fun for little toddler!


    Press Do, Re, Mi, Fa keys to hear the classic musical notes;
    Press the smiling face to hear baby laughter and 5 nursery rhymes;
    Tentacles of the caterpillar can control the voice volume;
    Press the bee to hear two different sounds effect;
    Revolve the ladybug to hear two different sounds effect;
    Flip the butterfly to hear two different sounds effect and learn different colors and patterns;
    Trundle the snail to hear two different sounds effect and learn 4 different patterns;
    Pull the flower to hear two different sounds. 

What's in the package? 1*main body of the learning table; 2*soft plastic tapes (for attaching the toy onto the baby bed; 4*table legs

Features & details

Learning&Playing The learning table have Do, Re, Mi,Fa which is a simple start and experience of music. Colorful image and beautiful voice can draw babies' attention. Lights up and beautiful melodies allows for free play, it also introduces baby to colors.
 Music&Light  There have different wonderful songs for the baby to enjoy when press the smiling face, 5 songs in total. A variety of animal sounds and sound effects. Lights flash while music and sound on.
  Animals World On the table, you can see bee, ladybug, butterfly and snail, and you can hear the sounds effect of these cute animals in two different ways. Flip the butterfly to learn different colors and pattens as well as sounds. Allows baby to toggle from sound discovery to language discovery.There is also a beautiful flower to play with your lovely baby.
  Entertaining Table Grows with baby! Baby can start with sitting up, by playing on the floor, later we add the legs, baby can enjoy standing up to play. Legs are assembled, removable and sturdy, so your boys&girls can use it on the desk or take it to play at any position they wanted. Remove the legs, The music table can also be tied on the bed for playing.