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Extra Large Thick 2 Sided Baby Play Mat Kids Crawling Educational Soft Foam Game



SKU: FTL421/FTL422

Dimension: 200 cm (Length) x 2 cm (Width) x 180 cm (Height)

Product Description

Fun, vibrant and joyful kids play baby mat. 6 fantastic themes to pick from, a theme for your babys creative mind, and a mat for them to spend there infant days.
Product Features

- Non toxic & Safe - our safety boxes are always ticked when it comes to HYGRAD baby products. We want to ensure complete safety and no health risk when it comes to baby products and this is why the baby foam play mat is made of high density foam material which is BPA free, non-toxic without any chemichals as well as any unpleasant plastic odor. 

- Reversible design - The mat has a reversible design, each side with a different pattern and theme, giving you the benefit of having 2 mat designs to play with and to change up when you feel like. 2 themes, more fun, more to play with and more to show. 

- Easyt to clean and waterproof - We know how kids are with liquids, hence why we ensured these baby play mats are waterproof and finished off with a easy to clean and wipe surface. Babies equals a mess, and we made sure the mess would be as easy as possible to clean. 

- Extra soft padding  - Babies are always falling over, crawling all over the place during playtime, we therefore ensured that this play mat had an extremely soft and cushioned padding for added comfort and to ensure a safe play area for babies. Slip, trip, roll, all with a soft and padded landing. 

- Portable and easy to store - The mat is designed to be easily folded away without any restraint or difficulty, so when it is not in use and you want to keep it out the way or you want to take it along with you somewhere, then you can simply fold it away and place it out the way. 


- Reversible design (Different design on each side) 
- Dimensions: 200cm x 180cm x 2cm

 Inquiry - Extra Large Thick 2 Sided Baby Play Mat Kids Crawling Educational Soft Foam Game